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Cardinal Council Garden Clubs Awards
Received at SAR & State Meeting 2018

~Youth Recyclable Sculpture Contest -  1st Grade - Two Creeks Garden Club

~NGC Youth Poetry Contest First Grade - Two Creeks Garden Club

~Saving the Monarchs - 1st: Two Creeks Garden Club

~Jo Jean Scott Daffodil Award - 1st: Two Creeks Garden Club, 2nd: Bowling Green Garden Club

~Garden Therapy - 1st: Two Creeks Garden Club

~Native Plants - 2nd: Two Creeks Garden Club

~Butterfly - 1st: Two Creeks Garden Club, 2nd: Warren East Garden Club

~Civic Achievement - 1st: Warren East Garden Club

~Gardening with Youth - 1st: Bowling Green Garden Club

~Scrapbook - Dogwood District - 1st: GC of Elizabethtown, 2nd: Glasgow GC, 3rd: Bowling Green GC

~Yearbook - 1st (small): Warren East Garden Club, 2nd (medium): Bowling Green Garden Club

~National Garden Week - 2nd: Bowling Green Garden Club, 3rd: Warren East Garden Club

~Single Story News - 3rd: Bowling Green Garden Club

~Attendance - 1st: Warren East Garden Club

~Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl - Bowling Green Garden Club - 1st grade and 5th grade






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