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Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs - History
(compiled from several sources)

Some time in 1965 or 1966, members of the garden clubs in Warren County met to form the Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs. Prior to that there was also a Bowing Green Council of Garden Clubs.  To date, no record of the exact date has been found.  A committee was appointed to create by-laws for the federation of the Cardinal Council of Garden Clubs (of Bowling Green, Kentucky).  The first record found indicates the by-laws committee met on October 5, 1966, at the home of Mrs. Edward M. Pace.  It was decided that the president of each club, together with one representative from each club, would meet to read and distribute to each club the by-laws for further adopting after two readings. Present were:
    Mrs. Edward M. Pace, Chair - Virginia Garrett Garden Club
    Mrs. William F. Holt, President of Council - Virginia Garrett Garden Club
    Mrs. Guy Jenkins, Vice President of Council - Warren County Garden Club
    Mrs. Terah Flaherty, Secretary of Council - Ruth Rabold Garden Club
    Mrs. Joe Wright (representing Treasurer Mrs. Lawrence Ledford - Mabel Thomas Garden Club
    Mrs. David Cooksey - Bowling Green Garden Club

A working copy of these by-laws can be seen by clicking here.

The first officers of the Cardinal Council were:
    Mrs. William F. Holt, President - Virginia Garret Garden Club
    Mrs. Terah L. Flaherty - Recording Secretary - Ruth Rabold Garden Club
    Mrs. W. G. Thomas - Corresponding Secretary - Bowling Green Garden Club
    Mrs. Joe W. Taylor - Treasurer - Mabel Thomas Garden Club
Representatives were:
    Mrs. Edward M. Pace - Virginia Garrett Garden Club
    Mrs. Charles J. Doria - Ruth Rabold Garden Club
    Mrs. W. G. Thomas -  Bowling Green Garden Club
    Mrs. Homer Howell - Warren County Garden Club President
    Mrs. Joe W. Taylor - Mabel Thomas Garden Club
    Mrs. Ardin H. Mielke - Virginia Garrett Garden Club
    Mrs. Joe K. Wright - Mabel Thomas Garden Club President   

Officers and representatives of the Cardinal Council of Federated Garden Clubs met February 9, 1967 at the home of Mrs. William Holt who presided. Club representatives reported that Council b-laws had been read and adopted by their respective clubs.  Mrs. W. G. Thomas was appointed to be corresponding secretary.  The following committee chairmen were appointed by the President to serve until April 1967 election:
    Program Committee: Mrs. David Cooksey - Bowling Green Garden Club
    Publicity Committee: Mrs. Charles Doria - Ruth Rabold Garden Club
    Flower Show Committee: Mrs. Willard Winkenhoffer - Bowling Green Garden Club
    Ways and Means Committee: Mrs. Joe K. Wright - Mabel Thomas Garden Club
    Achievement and Awards Committee: Mrs. Guy Jenkins - Warren County Garden Club
    Projects: Mrs. Edward Pace: Virginia Garrett Garden Club (this committee was added as it was not in the original by-laws)
Further business conducted at this meeting included a flower arranging workshop for beginners, a permanent long-range project of planting dogwood trees by home owners, businesses and public property owners was to be investigated, and annual dues of 50 cents per club member would be paid before April to the Federation.  A nominating committee for a slate of officers to start in April 1967 was appointed.

On May 25, 1967, the Council of Garden Clubs met and the following officers were installed by Mrs. Franklin Berry:
    Mrs. W. G. Thomas - President
    Mrs. Stanley Roddy - Vice President
    Mrs. Terah Flaherty - Recording Secretary
    Mrs. Joe Tayor - Corresponding Secretary
    Mrs. Glen Dooley - Treasurer
The following were appointed as committee chairmen:
    Mrs. William Holt - Program Chairman
    Mrs. A. J. Thurman - Publicity and Scrapbook
    Mrs. David Cooksey - Flower Show
    Mrs. Williams Stamps - Ways and Means
    Mrs. Charles Doria - Achievement and Awards
The Ruth Rabold and the Mabel Thomas Garden Clubs, having recently received their charters, were approved for official entry into the Council.  A HANDS committee was also appointed.

In subsequent 1968 minutes, projects of the member clubs included:
     Beautification of Fountain Square, the airport and hospital grounds
     Cleaning of T. C. Cherry's school grounds
     The Filling Station Project at 11th and Chestnut Streets and beautification of other filling     stations
     A bird bath and feeder at the Bowling Green-Warren County Hospital
     A HANDS workshop
     Establishment of a City Beautification Commission

On October 15, 1969, the Cardinal Council held a Chrysanthemum Show at the mall on Nashville Road. In 1971, a motion was approved for a HANDS committee to be a permanent committee of the Council and that the Council be a "clearing house" for the clubs, and the Council accumulate properties for the clubs to use. A motion was approved to sponsor an annual Christmas Show. The clubs were also active in the restoration of the Hobson House. In 1972, part of the beautification project included planting five pine trees along the entrance to Hobson Grove Park. In the 1980s, new projects included Conservation and Birds, Litter Control and Civic Improvement. 

In 1975, the Mabel Thomas Garden Club sponsored the Little Daisies Garden Club at the Girls Club. The Blue Bird Junior Garden Club also existed at Alvaton Elementary in the 70s and later became the Tributaries sponsored by the Two Creeks Garden Club. In 1976, the Bicentennial Garden Club was federated and became a member of the Cardinal Council followed by Two Creeks Garden Club in 1989, and Warren East Garden Club in ??.

In 1977, "This Year's Crop", the student garden club at Bowling Green High School sponsored by the Ruth Rabold Garden Club for several years, won two awards at the Garden Club of Kentucky state convention.

These garden clubs were members of the Cardinal Council and/or the Bowling Green Council of Garden Clubs.  Click the name for additional information that has been found in records at the Houchens Center.

Virginia Garret Garden Club - click here
Mabel Thomas Garden Club- click here
Ruth Rabold Garden Club - click here
Bicentennial Garden Club - click here


Past Presidents of the Cardinal Council

2017-2019 - Myrna Neff
2015-2017 - Connie Pittman
2013-2015 - Kim Hampton
2011-2013 - Myrna Neff
2009-2011 - Romanza Johnson
2007-2009 - Connie Pittman
2005-2007 - Helen Jean Neuber
1995-1997 - Mrs. Mulford Lockwood
1987-1989 - Mrs. Jack (Jo Jean) Scott
1985-1987 - Mrs. Russell (Martha) Morgan
1983-1985 - Mrs. Joe D. Hughes
1981-1983 - Mrs. Frank D. Neuber
1979-1981 -  Mrs. William (Jo) Neel
1977-1979 - Mrs. Louis Holszaphel
1975-1977 - Mrs. Glen Gill
1973-1975 -  Mrs. W. G. Stephenson
1971-1973 - Mrs. W. G. (Mabel) Thomas
1969-1971 - Mrs. William (Jo) Manthie
1967-1969 - Mrs. W. G. Thomas
????-1967 - Mrs. William Holt


Dogwood District Directors from Cardinal Council Clubs

2017-2019 - Susan Throneberry - Two Creeks Garden Club

1967-68 - Mrs. Franklin Berry - Virginia Garrett Garden Club








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