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Cardinal Council - 2016 Photo Gallery

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some BGC member entries

some BGC member entries

Cardinal Council President
Connie Pittman


Novice Winner
Rabold Trophy
designed by Mary Ann Hext

Miniature Design
Designed by Martha Morgan

Novice Design
Designed by
Susan Fowler

Parallel Design
Designed by Martha Morgan

Parallel Design
Designed by Mary Ann Hext

Floor Design
Designed by Martha Morgan

Trees of Christmas 2016
Bicentennial GC
Theme: "Toys of Christmas"

Trees of Christmas 2016
Two Creeks GC
Theme: "Crafts for Christmas".  Each member submitted an elementary school picture of themselves that was featured along with the crafts all of us have created while in elementary school.  Popsicle sticks, glue, glitter, and paint turned the sticks into planes, bugs, snowmen, stars, frames, angels and Santas.








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